Cleaning and organising your garden or backyard is not an easy task. There are several things that you can do to solve this, but one of the best ways to keep your things in order is by installing a wooden shed. However, once you have the wooden shed, there are instances that it needs to be moved or transferred. This could be just a relocation to another area of your backyard, or to a different city.

When this day happens, you have two choices; either take the shed by portions or move it as a whole.  The first option is easier; however, there’s a simple way to you can move your wooden shed without demolishing anything.

Clear the contents of your shed

Typically, a medium to large wooden shed weighs a few hundred pounds; thus, emptying it is the first thing you must do. But before that, ensure that you have temporary storage boxes or areas where you can place your things. Avoid placing them in the path where the wooden shed will pass once it starts mobilising.

Prepare the materials and equipment needed

The next step is to prepare all the things you need beforehand. Make the necessary preparations for moving the shed itself since simply dragging it won’t be an advisable method. Prepare the support by reinforcing its braces and studs.

You may want to brace the windows as well to avoid damage during the relocation. Glass is susceptible to cracks, so make sure that it is properly secured.

If the flooring is a board, strengthen it by intercrossing the bracing on all sides.

Lift and roll the shed

You may now continue by lifting the shed carefully, then place rolling pipes beneath it. The pipes work as breakers while you carefully move the shed toward its intended spot. With help from some of your friends, lift the shed one end to the next while securing the pipes underneath.

Start moving the shed slowly while making sure that the pipes are also moving along the way. This method is only applicable for short distances. If you’re relocating to another place, you can either get a flatbed or a trailer.

Use a trailer

Assuming that you will move to a new place and your wooden shed is larger than 8 feet with a weight of 300 pounds or more, then a trailer is ideal. By using some extra equipment for the process, this is a relatively cheap option. Plant hire Birmingham can help you with the trailer truck that you need.

Use a flatbed

If your wooden shed is smaller than 8 feet; then you can save money by just using a flatbed. You don’t need to have special tools; some people to help with the lifting toward the truck’s platform is enough.

Moving your shed as a whole is practical and quite simple to do. It’s all about preparation and having the knowledge of what to do. Plan the activity, safely, and the transport and you’re good to go.