When you own commercial property you will want to make it look as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside. To make the outside look amazing you will want to add certain plants and flowers to the landscape construction. There are so many plants and flowers to choose from you may get overwhelmed on what to choose when you are doing commercial landscape installation in the colony, so here we will go over some of the best plants to use in the colony that will have your place looking wonderful in no time at all.

One of the starter plants you might want to consider would be the boxwood plants. These look great in the flower beds and are one of the most famous staples in the foundation. This is a very attractive plant and it is made to be planted by the side of the building up next to it. They will make an excellent accent to the rest of the area you are working on and plus they only grow to be about two feet tall.

You can never go wrong with roses. Roses come in many different colors that will spruce up any flower bed on any given day. Roses create a beautiful first impression and can make the difference if a person wants to come in or not. Roses can be planted in either partial sun or the sun light, it really does not matter to them they will grow in any place you put them in the flower bed.

Hostas plants provide pretty blooms for the area you are working on and they are a good idea for any commercial property that you are landscaping. Hostas are good to be placed along walkways or along side the building.

There are many different styles of Hostas that you can choose from but the most popular is beautiful shades of gold with the white edges. The best part of Hostas is that they require very little care so basically you can plant them and then leave them for two to three years.

Azaleas are another one of the best plants to plant in a flower bed on commercial property. They do all they can do to impress your visitors and nothing less. They are magnificent and the blooms are amazing. They come in pink, red, purple and white, so you can decorate your area with any color that you see fit to match your already growing decor.

A daisy is a long time favorite of commercial landscape installation in the colony crews because they are a very welcoming flower and are simply stunning to look at. Their blooms are normally four inches round and are just amazing. Being that they are four inch blooms they are nearly one of the biggest plants you can get in a commercial property. Do not get surprised if your guest stops and stares when these are present in your outdoor decorations.

When you are looking for a tree to complement the land on your commercial property you will want to take a look at the Dwarf Alberta Spruce. This a compact evergreen tree which can reach heights of six to eight feet tall and the top is a cone shape that will give accent to the other flowers growing around it.

Another tree to look at for your property would be the Japanese Maple Tree which is a beautiful color to add. Not only will this tree provide wonderful color but it will also provide shade for your visitors. There are many eye popping colors to choose from.