How to Make Sure Your RV Is Ready for Your Next Roadtrip

There’s not much that can make one feel as free as being on the open road with a well stocked RV. When an RV trip is going right, it’s one of the most relaxing experiences one could imagine. But when things go wrong on the road it usually goes very wrong indeed. But thankfully there’s a few tips and tricks which can ensure an RV is properly stocked and in shape for even unexpected events.

The Internet will disappear at the worst possible times

Any traveler knows that one can’t depend on the Internet. Modern culture is inherently tied into apps these days. And people setting out for a cross country trip often assume that they can navigate the distant roads in the same way they would back home.

But online mapping tools are only as dependable as one’s Internet connection. And those connections have a way of displaying the further one gets from civilization. The most worrisome part of this is that the Internet tends to disappear in areas where we’re most dependent on it. If someone gets lost, online maps are an easy way out. But those are also the locations where one can’t depend on those maps.

There’s two ways to get around this problem. The first is to ensure that one has some printed maps on hand. They might not be as user friendly as online maps. But they’re a fantastic fallback when one is alone and lost on the open road.

One should also download any offline map data offered by the app. This isn’t a perfect solution to the problem of sparse Internet connections. But in general a phone’s GPS can often function even when the data connection has gone offline. If a map app has offline data it can often still position one by gps location alone.

Check the integrity of the RV’s roof

We often make allusions to something being plainly in sight by referring to the roof over one’s head. But somewhat ironically, people as a whole seldom really notice ceilings and roofs. The roof in one’s house is typically going to hold up even under the worst conditions. The same goes for ceilings. They’re one of the strongest parts of a building. But that’s not the case for an RV.

The roof on an RV is a common point of failure for the vehicle as a whole. Water damage is one of the most common issues with an RV’s roof. But there’s a wide variety of ways in which it can incur initially minor damage. The one constant is that the minor damage has a way of growing in severity in a short amount of time.

If damage is caught early on one can usually repair it. However, moderate to severe damage will usually necessitate full RV roof replacement. This can seem like a daunting problem at first. But it can also be seen as a net positive. A need for RV roof replacement is unfortunate. But doing so also means that one has successfully caught the problem before it became a disaster while on the road.

Don’t forget pet food

This might seem like a given for people who want to take their furry friends out on the open road with them. Dogs, and even some cats, can prove to be an ideal copilot. However, it’s important to remember that pet supplies are a scarce commodity than essentials for other humans. One can always be certain of finding food and beverages for oneself if there’s any people around.

Pets have a whole host of dietary restrictions which make them somewhat fussy eaters. Human food will often make animals sick. And then there’s issues with litter, pet toys, etc. As such it’s vitally important to not only bring pet supplies but actually overstock it to some extent. One should always have more for your pet than is strictly needed. This way one is properly prepared for an emergency.