A smart handset is a necessity in this day and age. There is no dearth of mobile phones available in the market. When you are planning to buy the latest Android phone, it is always recommended to buy it online. Most of the Android phones these days support 4G connectivity. These phones come with a lot of advanced features, but one feature that makes android handsets apart from other options is its fast connectivity.

Despite the endless option and super-fast connectivity, there are several other reasons to choose Android phones over an iPhone or other competitors. Here are 6 reasons to buy yourself an Android Phone from a trusted site at a great price.

With Android, you can never run out of options

Who doesn’t like exploring different options before making the final choice? Well, online shopping sites like Paytm Mall, Amazon, Flipkart, etc. gives you just that when you’re searching for the latest Android phone. You will get an endless amount of choice for Android phones. Like, if you want a phone that has advanced features along with high camera pixel quality- then buy a phone online that has the best camera pixel. Or you want a phone that has a 4k resolution screen. Android phones cover all this plus so much more. That’s the plus point of android handsets- you get the one that fulfills all your needs.

Expandable phone memory options

Most of the android phones nowadays available online on Paytm Mall and Amazon with expandable memory. Android devices offer expandable memory up to 256 GB with an internal storage option. That means if the internal memory of your phone gets full, you can use a micro SD card and increase your phone’s memory with just a few easy steps.

MM Jacks available on Android

With every new Android smartphone, you get a pair of headsets. Unlike the iPhone, you don’t have to buy or use a separate dongle to connect your headset with the phone.

More apps for android on play store

You can’t ignore the fact that there are many free apps and online games are available on the Android Google play store than on iOS. Some online apps charge a penny on the iOS app store and are available free of cost for Android devices.

Widgets available on Android devices

There are widgets available on Android smartphones. You can add live widgets on your home screen that shows constant updates on weather, RSS feeds, and Facebook or Twitter updates.

Affordable pricing

Compared to the iPhone, it is well-known that android smartphones are available at a lesser price online with more advanced features as well as specifications. In addition to this, you can buy your favorite android phone after availing the cashback offers and discounts running online at sites like Paytm Mall and many more.

These are the main compelling reasons to choose Android smartphones online over any other operating system. Browse the wide range of Android phones available online and buy the one that you find the most suitable for yourself.