A vital part of any construction industry is the use of heavy materials like cement, hollow blocks, tons of steel frames, and other prefabricated items. Transporting these materials from one place to another can be a manual job but with high associated risks. Through the integration of mechanical equipment, the lifting of heavy objects is now manageable, safer and more efficient. It helps the workers to achieve the daily tasks with minimal health hazards and maximum value for time.

Hand trucks

These are essential and popular equipment used in restaurants, industrial companies, and even households. Despite being very manual and small, it offers a wide range of benefits such as being economical, easy to use, reducing possible injuries, and it’s long-lasting. Comparable to high tech equipment, hand trucks can be used right away by anyone, thus increasing overall productivity.


It is widely used in construction and other lifting scenarios. Its primary purpose is to lift and move heavy loads over short distances. As the name implies, it has a fork-like protrusion at the front which scoops the load and where you can use some attachments to add greater functionality. It has a loading capacity of one to fifty tons depending on the size of the forklift. Certification is required to operate this type of machine; there is no need for a licence.


A crane is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment because of its wide variety of shapes, axles, lengths, and lifting capacity. It’s mainly used for lifting loads used for construction or shipping companies. Cranes have hoist ropes which makes it highly customisable through attaching different lifting accessories like a block grab, brick forks, or a concrete skip. Check out sites like  https://www.aphcranes.co.uk for hiring a crane. They have the options for the best accessories you need, and it can be for long or short term hire.


A Vacuum Excavator has two major parts which are the driving base and the long bucket arm which provides excellent ploughing power and hauling capacity. It uses hydraulic force to manoeuvre the arm during excavation, and is mainly used for demolition, road construction, mining and small to large scale housing construction.

Vacuum lifters

These are robust machines that can lift and move an object with the use of a vacuum. It can handle metal sheets, boxes, plastics, and even delicate glasses. With the help of vacuum lifters, there is no need to use hooks, which makes the work cycle faster. This state of the art machine enables carriages of different dimensions with the use of a vacuum pump to complete the task. It is also cost-efficient and simpler to manipulate compared to conventional systems.

Heavy lifting can be a problem in any workplace. It stops people from performing their tasks effectively. However, with the use of this equipment, you can lift and move tons of materials in a short period of time. Take advantage of the easy customisation options and flexibility of these machines. Adjust them based on your company’s needs. Don’t settle for hard, manual labour.

Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/NV3xhNJTaw0