When a man buys his very first suit, this is the time when his body shape has already become defined. And while your waist and chest may fluctuate at different times of your life, your height, the width of your shoulders, and your limb length will no longer change. With all these factors, it’s important to have a good understanding of what will work for your body shape, height, and more when choosing a suit. Of course, at the end of the day, you can always choose whatever style of suit you want, but if you want to make a good impression and accentuate what you have and ‘hide’ what you want to hide, here’s how you can best choose a suit according to your height and more.

  • If you are on the short side

If you are on the short side and you’d like to create the illusion of height, you should, first of all, avoid the excessive use of fabric. Too much fabric can bulk up the suit and emphasise your shortness, so it’s best to go with a fit that’s close. When it comes to style, opt for soft or moderate padding on the shoulders, and only a little drape on the chest. You can also opt for either a one-button jacket (two buttons at the most), with a low point for the button so you can increase the illusion of height. Also, try to have a long line from the lapel of the suit to your waist, as the ‘V’ created on the chest can accentuate your shoulders and make you look taller as well. The skirt of the jacket (the lower half) should be kept short so that you can lengthen your legs.

  • If you are on the tall side

If you are tall, everything recommended for short men is in reverse. So this means ‘interrupting’ your tallness with pockets, unique jackets, broader checks, and so on. Focus on texture and distract the eye with a silk tie and a pocket-handkerchief. For material, it’s best if you could go with shantung silk or textured wool, and have a waistcoat made, too. The point is to break up your tallness into segments, so you can also go for slightly shorter sleeves so you will have about half an inch of shirt cuff – something which will definitely break the pattern and distract the eye.

Whether you are tall as well as stout or short and thin, you have to weigh all your options and consider all the details accordingly. Think about your priorities when it comes to the suit you want, whether you want to look taller or shorter or more sleek and stylish. With that being said, one of your best options is to go for a bespoke suit because you can choose precisely what you want based on your body shape and height, and you can specify whatever preferences you may have to your tailor. Your suit will be expressly made according to your measurements as well. With a tailor, you can also take advantage of significant and relevant advice to make sure that your suit will make you look your best.

Image attributed to Pixabay.com