Have you ever wanted to check somebody’s criminal history? Maybe it’s because you heard that an old friend is in prison. Or because you’re worried that a violent person you know might be released soon. In these kinds of situations, it’s a good idea to do a quick check online. But if you want a more detailed picture of an individual’s criminal history, you should do an inmate search. Here’s what you should keep in mind when performing an inmate search on somebody.

An inmate search gets you more information than a typical background check, because it’s far more concerned with prison status than it is with things such as address or credit score. As such, it’s vital that you at least have some information about where the prisoner might be incarcerated, because this will influence the results you get. Sometimes, you may get search results that indicate that the prisoner is no longer in state prison. In these scenarios, the prisoner may have been moved to a federal institution, something that a prison inmate search will likely find. While some databases let you search through aliases that the criminal may have gone by, in most cases you’ll at least need their legal first and last name to perform a search. Having specifics about the jail or county they were in can also help because it means that you’ll be able to narrow down your search results. Imagine finding dozens of people with the same name in the search and not knowing who is who. Clearly, having more identifiable information can help you find the results that you want.

Unlike other types of background checks, an inmate search can also give you information you wouldn’t be able to find using other free searches. Inmate searches are geographically localized, which can be a great way to drill down and get more information than you might be able to find in a typical public records database. For example, if you’re in New Orleans and are curious about whether or not a friend of yours is still in jail, it may be worth performing a Louisiana inmate search to learn more about their whereabouts. Because Louisiana has often made the top 10 list of most dangerous states in the US, you’re likely to find a much higher volume of results looking for information about prisoners in New Orleans than states like New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont, all of which are some of the safest states in the country.

Often, you’ll need to know particular identifying information about the prisoner, such as their department of corrections number, to find the person you’re looking for. Using a search service like is a much easier process when it comes to wading through the countless free databases online. The right website can also give you far more information, because they have access to other databases that are much harder to access without paying money or having specific clearance. This helps you get the information you need simply and efficiently.

If you’re curious about a prisoner who may have wronged you or someone you worry might have a criminal past or is now in prison, an inmate search is the best way to find the information that you need. Performing an inmate search is simple if you use an online service. Find the information you’re looking for quickly without the need to spend countless hours digging through state police databases.

While other forms of background checks and reverse lookups will give you some information about an individual’s criminal activity, an inmate search is a much more localized way to learn what you want.