One of the first things every retailer realises when opening their shop is that the overheads need the best return on investment possible. You don’t want to be needlessly spending when you don’t have to be. Then with the unavoidable expenses, it’s paramount to make sure that your business is getting the most out of them. One of the biggest overheads is space and, yet, it is often one given the least consideration to. Or, when it is considered, it is seen as an opportunity to fill, which isn’t always a great idea.

Optimising your shop space is the goal. You want your store to display your stock with appeal while also enticing customers to browse. A store crowded with items and furniture will be stressful for customers likely causing them to leave earlier than planned. While finding this balance can be difficult, it is made much easier with the right retail furniture.

Vertical Space

Overcrowding the floor space of your shop is a surefire way to create stress and confusion, yet it seems to be one of the most common pitfalls. While you may be inclined to fill walkways with plenty of interesting stock, it isn’t always beneficial to your customers. Displaying stock on your walls is far more versatile and allows you to places items higher without compromising, and improving, a customer’s view.

More Designs

Opportune space can be great for displays as well as stock for browsing. Many successful stores improve sales and brand representation by creating impressions of their stock through images and displays. This works well to show how the items look best, such as within clothing stores, as well as describing the experience of the product, such as you might see in adventure gear shops.

The aesthetic of your shelving can also be considered. Don’t settle for retail furniture straight out of the catalogue. Many companies will offer different types of material and designs with their retail furniture, so you will be able to find something that matches your business’ style.

Higher Quality

The quality of your stock is supported, literally and figuratively, but you shop shelving. Yet, despite this, they often fail to complement each other because the shelving is ill-considered. The standards of your company and wares should be seen to extend through your retail furniture and decor. This means keeping a keen eye on maintenance issues or tired display units. It will also benefit you to consider higher quality, bespoke or handmade, shelving, which will even improve your associated branding.


One size doesn’t fit all. What benefits your store space during one season may fail to do so during another. Having furniture and shelving that can be removed or altered to better optimise space or host larger amounts of stock will be far better for your sales. Not only will you be able to accommodate different levels of busyness with ease but an occasional change to organisation will keep the store feeling fresh to customers too.