Coin collecting is not like any other pastime. In fact, it will take a lot of your time and efforts. However, if you know what to look for, it can prove to be a profitable hobby.

Coin Collection in the U.S.

The idea of numismatics dates back to when the first coins were invented. However, it gained popularity after 1850s. A true numismatist will know a variety of coins and their values. No wonder, the value of every coin changes, depending on its market demand, but there are even such coins which hold unwavering value and interest. If you are planning on collecting coins, simply start by searching coin shop near me online.

5 most expensive coins of U.S.

  1. Flowing Hair Dollar (1794)

Face value: $1

Mint mark: None

Year sold: 2013

Price realized: $10 million

Auctioned at: Stack’s Bowers Galleries

The flowing hair dollar minted in 1974 holds great historical importance. It was the first dollar coin which was standardized across the country. Also, till date it is recognized as the finest coin of its time.

  1. Liberty Head Nickel (1913)

Face value: $.05

Mint mark: None

Year sold: 2013

Price realized: $3.1 million

Auctioned at: Heritage Auction

The 1913 Liberty Head Nickle was minted in extremely small quantity by the U.S. mint. As of now, only 5 Liberty Head Nickle are believed to be in existence. Two of these coins are displayed in museums and other three are privately owned.

  1. Seated Liberty Dollar (1870s)

Face value: $1

Mint mark: S

Year sold: 2008

Price realized: $1.3 million

Auctioned at: Stanford Coins and Bullion

This is a pretty interesting coin, as there is no formal record of its existence. However, the 1870s Seated Liberty Dollars with mint mark of San Francisco are considered the most prized among this type.

  1. D St Gaudens Double Eagle (1927)

Face value: $20

Mint mark: D

Year sold: 2005

Price realized: $1.65 million

Auctioned at: Rare Coin Wholesalers of Dana Point

Former President Roosevelt recollected all the gold coins and converted them into bars in 1933. The 1927-D Saint Gauden’s Double Eagle was also one of the coins which were recalled. Originally only 180,000 coins were minted, and thus were considered valuable. However, today they are more valuable as only 11 to 15 are in existence.

  1. O Capped Bust Half Dollar (1838)

Face value: $0.50

Mint mark: O

Year sold: 1838

Price realized: $493,500

Auctioned at: Stack’s Bowers Galleries

This coin was minted at the New Orleans Mint (the first mint to produce silver coins). As per records, only 20 coins were minted and till date 9 have survived.

Understanding the coin type, historical value, price, and demand will help you become a true coin collector. So, research as much as you can before you start buying.